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  • Renee Anderson

What's In A Name?

Sweet pea flowers near computer
Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

When first contemplating starting this small business, one of the fun things for me to do was brainstorm about different names for the company. This probably went on for weeks in my brain, and finally it came to me - "Sweet Pea Labs."

So why that name?

Well, I wanted the name to somehow be personally connected to me. Growing up, and still today even, my Dad would call me "Sweet Pea."

Like, "Hey Sweet Pea!" or, "Is everything good Sweet Pea?"

It's just a thing.

A Sweet Pea is actually a cute little flower, which is appropriate for my nature loving self. It's also an annual climbing plant, which can get up to about 6ft tall if you're lucky. That seemed appropriate considering I want this business to grow, grow, grow. It is also a wonderfully fragrant flower, and considering I live with a teenaged boy, a pleasant smell is always welcomed.

So why "Labs?"

Well, I'm not sure what my niche is going to be exactly. I'm pretty good at connecting technology to lessons in a meaningful way, and a I have a knack for creating these "Imagine Scenarios" to start off lessons. (That's a whole different blog post) But, I like to leave things open for development. I've learned that going into something with tunnel vision in what you are going to do and create, doesn't allow room for growth and innovation. So my business is like a "lab" more than anything else. I like the idea of tinkering around with different things to make products that are fun, engaging, get the idea.

Another reason why I included "Labs" in the name is because that leaves the option open for collaboration. When you think of a lab, don't you imagine a bunch of people working to create or discover something amazing? Exactly. Eventually there could be more than just me creating amazing content, and without having a very specific name, I can mold the company into whatever it needs to be in the future.

So, Sweet Pea Labs it is. I'm happy with that name. Pretty much end of story.

Do you have a unique company name? Does it have meaning behind it? If so, please share...

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