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  • Renee Anderson

Becoming an Expert is just a matter of time...

It's easy to doubt yourself when you start something new. You have grand visions of what "could be," and a clouded vision of how you're going to get there. You might see others doing "it" and think to yourself, "If they can do that, then so can I." But somewhere along the line, things get challenging and maybe some doubt creeps in. You look at others potentially as "Experts" at certain things and find it difficult to imagine yourself there - as the Expert. But truthfully, all people start out as the "Beginner." So, take comfort in the fact that you too can become an "Expert" in whatever you desire as long as you just stick around for the ride.

Do you feel like a Beginner or an Expert? If you feel like you're an Expert, how long did it take you to feel that way?

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