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  • Renee Anderson

Stop Comparing to Boost Creativity & Define Your Brand - Inspiration for the TpT Creator

I belong to quite a few TpT seller groups online. And although I'm not a super active participant, I do value some of the information I find there. One thing I've noticed is that there is so much comparison going on. Creators are constantly doubting their product and comparing them to other creators' products. This is a big mistake, and one that is hard to avoid. I have even caught myself doing this early on. In fact, comparison was my guide. I used it to define my look, and even as a way to try to figure out my niche. The problem was... those looks and products I was using as a guide didn't feel like me. I was trying to fit into the classic TpT box, and eventually realized that doing just the opposite is exactly what would boost my creativity, my sales, and define my brand.

Take a look at a few of my early product covers...

These covers follow the classic "cutesy" TpT vibe. That works super well for many, many creators, but it just isn't my thing. I was trying on a look for my products that didn't really represent me as a creator. Over time, as I created more product, I came to realize that I liked a way simpler design.

Take a look at some of my current product covers...

As I started to create my products, I started to drift towards cleaner lines and a very simple, clean look. No cute patterns, or circles, or color palettes. It just felt more like me. It was nothing like the TpT stores I was looking at as examples. No super cute fonts or clip art. Just some basic fonts and images. But, it was me. It felt good. And my external look, matched the look of what the customer would receive.

When I became OK with not looking like the other stores, my brand started to become more defined. I started to define my niche as well, which became Digital Interactive Notebooks in the social studies/geography/sciences. Those are subjects that I loved to teach, love to research, and am still interested in learning about. Before, I let my connection to what others were doing direct what I created. I was too all over the place in what I thought I wanted to create. My creativity was being stifled because of this. I was trying to fit in that box again. And it just didn't work. Now when you go to my store, you will see a bunch of covers that look similar. And most of my products are Digital Interactive Notebooks. I still have my older products and covers in there, and over time I will work on changing those over to my current look.

When I stopped comparing, I released all the things I thought I "should" be doing, and I created a more authentic brand and product. A product that felt more like me. And when you start to feel that way, your product ideas come to you more quickly, your layouts become more your own, and your brand becomes more consistent.

So, try it out. Stop looking at what everyone else is doing. Create things you love, about topics you enjoy, in a way that feels authentic to you. And I'd place a bet that you will start to feel more confident and, your sales will start to soar!

Happy Creating!


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