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  • Renee Anderson

Use Jamboard to Easily Change Your Printables to Digital Interactive Pages

Stop what you are doing, and just listen for a few minutes. Does Distance Learning have you all flustered? Tired of recreating all of your printable resources? Check out this video tutorial to learn how to use Google Jamboard to change all of your pdf printables to digital interactive pages your students can write on. Awesome, right? I know.

I've included a few steps below, but if you want to really know what's going on with this, take a few minutes to watch this video tutorial I've made for you...

1. Find the Jamboard App

It's going to be housed with all of your other Google Apps if you're on a computer. If you are on other devices, you may need to download the app first. Jamboard works on phones, tablets & computers. The tools are functions that are available will be different depending on whether you are using Jamboard through the app or the web version. But for this, that won't matter much.

2. Find the printable(s) you want to make digital.

Once you find the pdf(s) you want to use, then we need to convert them to a jpeg or png file, because we will be inserting it into Jamboard as an image. There are different ways you can do this, but I like to use the free website called Zamzar to convert my files for FREE. Here you can upload your pdf(s) convert them to jpeg and then download them from the site. Super easy, and like I said, it's free.

3. Create a New Jamboard

In the Jamboard App, click on the orange circle with the white plus sign and create a New Jam. You can title it anything you want. You'll notice at the top that your Jam can have multiple pages if you want, so if you have multiple pages to a worksheet, you can include them all in one Jam for your students.

4. Insert Your Printable as an Image into the Jam

You've already created an image out of your printable, so now you just have to click on the "Insert Image" icon and choose the image you want to go on your board. Resize that image so it is easy for the students to see, and then you're done!

5. Share Your Jam with Your Students through Google Classroom

Just like any other assignment in Google Classroom, you can choose Jam files to share with your students too. For this, you will most likely want each student to have their own copy, just like it came out of the copy machine, so make sure when you create your assignment you choose, "Make a Copy for Each Student." Your students will then be able to use the "Marker Tool" to write right on top of your printable!

6. Relax & Drink Your Coffee

Seriously, it's that simple. Sit back and drink your coffee, while you wait for all the Jams to be turned in by your students.

Seriously though, if you want all the deets, watch the video.

This will save you so much time and frustration. Excited yet?!

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Sherry Hart
Sherry Hart
Dec 02, 2020

Can't tell you how much I appreciate this information. We are lucky to be in school at the moment, with the students. But looks like not for long. I have been sending screen shots of tests and quizzes home but they are not editable. This will be a game changer. Thanks, from the bottom of my teaching heart.

Sherry H

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