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  • Renee Anderson

Your Business Counts, No Matter How Small - Motivation for the TpT Seller

If you're here, you should know that I am a Teacher Author on Teachers Pay Teachers. I opened my store about a year ago, and work it part time when I can. I had previously been in the classroom in a variety of capacities, but have always had the opportunity to choose my "Mom" role first. So, that's what I do. I "Mom" first, and then I run my business.

There are times though, when that doesn't make what I do feel valid. Like it's just a side thing, or a hobby that anyone out there can do. I often feel like I'm not making a difference, or that I'm just tinkering around. There are a lot of teacher authors out there that feel this way. I know this from groups I participate in, and forums I look to for advice and tips. I often see amazing creators doubt themselves and the validity of their work. But what I've realized, is that we ARE making a difference. Our business IS valid. We are KNOWLEDGEABLE & CREATIVE. And, we are RISK-TAKERS simply by putting our work out there.

If you are someone who feels like this at times, I want you to take a quick look at one of your stats as a mental boost.

Go into your "Sales Reports" and look at "Transactions by US States." Really, just take a look. Look at all of the places your products are touching and imagine all of the students and teachers that are being helped. This isn't just a small group in a classroom you perhaps once had. This is NATIONWIDE reach. It's valid. And, it's important.

We know we all do this to make some extra money, but we can also think of the bigger picture. We do this because we want to help others. We want to use and share our creativity and innovative ideas. We want to touch teachers, and students, and school districts. We want to help solve problems, and make the lives of others a tiny bit easier. When your sales are a little slower than you'd like, or you feel like maybe you're not "good enough" at this job. Remember to go take a quick glance at these stats. Look at all the states you are reaching, the teachers you are helping, and the students you are literally helping teach.

Give yourself a little self compassion, and remind yourself that this is important, valid work. Your business COUNTS no matter how small...

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