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  • Renee Anderson

Sweet Pea Labs Up & Running - FINALLY!

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Photo by Jordan Wozniak on Unsplash

Finally! Sweet Pea Labs is up and running!

It's taken me a while to get things rolling, but I am finally there. When I decided to start Sweet Pea Labs sometime in the last third of this past school year, I swore I would start over the summer. Ha! That totally didn't happen. I had way too much fun hanging out with my kids this past summer, so I didn't really start digging in until the start of this school year. And let me tell ya, things went along way slower than I thought they would. I mean, all I wanted to do was create a few cool products for a Teachers Pay Teachers store. That's gotta be easy, right? Nope!

Don't let anyone tell you that opening a Teachers Pay Teachers store is a piece of cake. There's a pretty large learning curve if you want to do things A) Legally & B) Well. In future posts, I'll be sure to include all of the things I screwed up, had to redo, and the tricks I figured out along the way to solve all of those problems. I'll be high-lighting new products, sharing thoughts and ideas, and hopefully helping you out along the way. So stay tuned! If you're about to embark on your Teachers Pay Teachers journey, are looking for unique ways to reach students, or even run your on business from the comfort of your own home too, I bet you'll be able to relate!

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