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  • Renee Anderson

25 Reasons Why Digital Interactive Notebooks Are Awesome!

Distance learning has become a reality, and teachers and students all over the world are adapting their typical daily practices into something much different. New tools are being discovered and used, innovation is happening, and students and teachers are both gaining new skills. With that, platforms like Google Classroom are becoming a necessity, and students and teachers are relying on digital tools to engage in learning. One popular tool teachers are reaching for and students are loving, are Digital Interactive Notebooks.

Digital Interactive Notebooks utilize a slide format, such as Google Slides, creating an online digital notebook students can navigate and engage with. The content is splashed throughout the pages, and typically there are parts of the notebook where students might be doing things like, dragging & dropping labels, creating diagrams with provided pics or shapes, typing in text boxes, or creating their own content. Digital Interactive Notebooks are one of my favorite things to make!

Check out 25 Reasons Why Digital Interactive Notebooks Are Awesome!

  1. Students love them!

  2. Streamlined to standards

  3. Real-life photos

  4. Easy assessment

  5. Paperless

  6. Easy for students to "turn in"

  7. Colorful images

  8. Digital citizenship practice

  9. Digital literacy skills practice

  10. Perfect for distance learning

  11. Easy to edit

  12. Easy to share with students

  13. Can be made for group work

  14. Can be used on multiple devices

  15. Won't get "lost"

  16. Students can reference prior lessons

  17. Students can use their creativity

  18. Students can go at their own pace

  19. Fosters independence

  20. Teacher is the facilitator

  21. Different types of media can be used

  22. Similar to working in the real world

  23. Students engage with the material directly instead of lecture/notes

  24. You will impress your colleagues

  25. You will be your students' favorite teacher!

For examples of Digital Interactive Notebooks, you should check out the notebooks in my STORE. Each one has a video preview, so you can see what's inside. Or, try making your own Digital Interactive Notebooks. I promise your students will love them!

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