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  • Renee Anderson

READ THIS! - The Terrible Two

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

You know how you're always looking for books for those kids who aren't quite sure about reading? Well have I got a kicker for you! Meet The Terrible Two by Mac Barnett and Jory John. This one is a huge hit with kids from third grade to seventh grade. The humor is vast and the kids in the story are not pegged in particular ages or grades, so that keeps it really accessible.

The Terrible Two tells the story of Miles, a master prankster. He is starting at a new school and excited to start pranking everyone. Until he learns that his new school already has another kid whose pranks are EPIC. Bring on the prank war!

Oh! And the other thing that makes it so especially awesome is Kevin Cornell’s illustrations. He includes diagrams of the pranks, and they are fantastic. Also there's a pile of cow facts sprinkled throughout, which are both random and wonderful. And it's a 4-book series, so it's great for hooking kids into reading.

Seriously, this book rocks!

Upgrade that classroom library, and go snag a copy!

Recommendation written by: Amanda Northrup

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