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Introducing... "Read This!" - with Amanda Northrup

It is my pleasure to introduce a special guest writer to our site!

Welcome Amanda Northrup!

Amanda will be contributing to "Read This!" a new & exciting monthly book recommendation post. Starting in February, we will be posting book recommendations written by Amanda at the top of each month. Prepare to be amazed!

Why is Amanda so special? Let's see...

Beyond being my BFF, which should already be enough of a qualification, Amanda is a brilliant and experienced educator. She has received numerous awards for her accomplishments in the classroom, including but definitely not limited to Teacher of the Year and the Presidential Award for Excellence. Because of her awesomeness, she even got to meet President Obama! Crazy, right?

She dominates in Curriculum and Instruction Design, is a Jedi Master of Project Based Learning, and loves to collaborate and think-up innovative ideas for the classroom. She has a true passion for Instructional Coaching and loves to help others grow. Basically she's da-bomb!

So why should we value her book recommendations?

Amanda is a classic Book Nerd. She is constantly reading print books, ebooks on her Kindle app, and listening to audio books. Yes, that's three books at a time! Her excitement about new books is contagious. She is always the "go-to" person for recommendations for challenging readers, and her wealth of book knowledge is completely evident when she hands over individualized, hand picked, giant lists of books for individual kids to try. She is the type of reader that starts sweating with excitement when she's standing in the Young Adult book aisle at the book store telling you about each book series she has read or will read. She "pets" all of the books as if they're luxurious fabrics, sometimes even picking out books because she likes how they "feel." She's a book lover, plain and simple. Does it really get any better than that?

You can look forward to Amanda gracing us with her insight at the beginning of each month. So, get excited about reading, learn something new, and carry that excitement on to your students!

Thank you Amanda for taking the time to help all of us further our love of reading!

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