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  • Renee Anderson

READ THIS! - The Night Gardener

Oh man, this book is terrific! In The Night Gardener, the creepiness builds steadily,

culminating in a bizarre, yet perfect ending. It’s not every day you find a scary book for 4th-8th graders that is incredibly well written. This isn’t the Goosebumps books we grew up with. Jonathan Auxier is a masterful writer. He designs amazing characters, and his imagination is off the charts. This guy comes up with the most creative ideas!

In The Night Gardener, set during Victorian times, two siblings arrive at an English manor house to work as servants. The house is creepy, the people inside it are creepy, and the tree out front is extra creepy. I’ve heard this book compared to Something Wicked This Way Comes, Edgar Allan Poe, Little Shop of Horrors, Coraline, and even The Secret Garden. Imagine that as a mash up, and you have this book!

Wonderfully written, beautifully paced, and populated by a cast of richly interesting characters, this book is perfect for kids who are looking for something that is scary, but not TOO scary.

Recommendation Written By - Amanda Northrup

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