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  • Renee Anderson

25 Ways to Use Google Maps in Your Classroom

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

If you aren't regularly using Google Maps in your classroom, you're really missing out. Google Maps is such a valuable tool for sneakily teaching geography & fostering a global world view. Students are curious, love Google Maps, and will remember what they explored. To help you get started, and to give you a few ideas on how you might use this in your classroom, here's my list of...

25 Ways to Use Google Maps in Your Classroom

  1. Morning station/work - students choose a location or have a set list of locations

  2. Students learn their address and look up their home

  3. Find the distance between two places you are studying in science or social studies

  4. Look up the directions to a field experience/trip you will be going on

  5. Study which types of transportation can be used to travel to different parts of the world

  6. Investigate where the author of a book is from

  7. Investigate the home lands of any famous people you discuss

  8. Look at one state per day

  9. Look at one Continent per day

  10. Play "Continent, Country or City" with a partner - One calls the location, the other says whether it's a Continent/Country/City

  11. Study distances and time needed to travel to different places in math class.

  12. Study miles vs. kilometers by changing the options in the directions section

  13. Compare how long it would take to drive/walk/bike to locations

  14. Let students drop "Pegman" to see locations at street view

  15. Look up the locations of the settings of books being read. Mark a spot on a class map for each location

  16. Early finishers - explore on Google Maps

  17. Complete a scavenger hunt of relative locations for what is being studied at the time in science or social studies

  18. Investigate land forms

  19. Drop "Pegman" into different ecosystems around the world

  20. Practice spelling continents, countries, cities & states by typing them in the Google Maps search

  21. Write a compare/contrast paragraph about two different places using Google Maps to view them in street view

  22. Map out historical places and the distances or directions between each

  23. Look at the different regions of your state by dropping "Pegman" in each location to look around

  24. Find the names of different types of bodies of water around the world. (oceans, lakes, rivers)

  25. Visit famous cities around the world

As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate Google Maps into your day. Whether learning in school, in a blended classroom, or remotely, Google Maps is sure to drive your students' engagement and curiosity about the world around them.


You can check out how I sneak in some work with Google Maps in my "Where in the World Are We?" Digital Interactive Notebook. Also, check out my "Compass Rose" Digital Interactive Notebook and my fun Build Your Own Compass Rose activity in 10 different languages!

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