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IMAGINE THIS! - Launch your Plants Unit with "The Seedling that didn't want to grow"

Capture student interest & imagination at the beginning of your Plants Unit by launching with the book, "The Seedling that didn't want to grow" by Britta Teckentrup.

"The Seedling that didn't want to grow"was released this March, 2020. It's an endearing story about a seed that took just a bit longer to sprout. The rest of the seeds had already sprouted, growing and taking all the sunlight the last little seed needed to grow. With the help of some garden friends, the seedling started to grow and found the path to the perfect place for it to thrive. It grew into a mature plant, with a ton of buds, and the creatures were proud to see it grow. With a subtle underlying message of being unique as being acceptable & adequate, this book is a great jumping off point for your Plants Unit. It gently takes the tale through the life cycle of a plant from seedling, to mature plant, all the way to seed again, fully completing the cycle. It makes mention of the parts of the plant, implies plants need sunlight to grow, shows a plant through different seasons, and even tackles seed dispersion in the end. It's just lovely.

When I launch units of any sort, I often like to start off with an "Imagine Scenario" to get the students' imaginations churning. Here are a few "Imagine Scenarios" I would potentially use with this book as a starting point.

  • Imagine we are one of the creatures helping this seedling along the way. Let's see what our journey would be like...

  • Imagine we are a seed right next to this seedling, and we need to grow too. Wonder what our journey would be like...

  • Imagine we are one of the older plants watching this brand new seedling. Wonder what the journey of the seedling would look like...

  • Imagine we are the gardener watching her new seedling grow. What would that look like...

Creating Imagine Scenarios like this, helps put the students in the story. When students are part of the story, the learning along the way is more intriguing and important to them. Not only can you use this book for starting your Unit on Plants, but you could branch out for...

  • some creative writing or poetry

  • talking about geography with seasons or planting zones

  • design a garden or flower space of their own

  • grow plants from seeds in the classroom and make observations

  • connect with art and draw the journey or life cycle

Really, the possibilities are endless depending on the standards you need to meet and the interests of your students. The bottom line is, anytime you can foster student engagement, go for it. This book is the opportunity to do just that, so check it out.

If you are looking for interactive content about plants for the blended or digital classroom, check out my "All About Plants Digitial Interactive Notebook Bundle" in my STORE.

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