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  • Renee Anderson

Etsy Store Now Open!

I've been working on a little gem that I am finally ready to share. I was feeling a little "boxed in" with just creating educational materials, and I was starting to lose my motivation, so I decided to tinker with creating some Printable Wall Art Digital Downloads. I'm a big fan of digital downloads. They are my main sellers in my TpT store, and I don't have to carry inventory. They give the buyers a lot of freedom in what they want to do with them, and they are just down right fun to make. So, I've created a new Sweet Pea Labs Etsy Store to sell this Printable Art. I've uploaded a few designs already, but have so many more ideas for future uploads. Some of these might be crossover products, and therefore be listed in both stores, but opening the Etsy Store really gives me the opportunity to tap into a wider range of my creativity, not only for the creations of the printable wall art, but also for my writing. I won't be limited to education or business blog posts, and that is super exciting to me as well. Take a peek at my Etsy Store, keep in touch with my TpT store, and stay tuned for what comes next... Thanks bunches for your support!


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