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I Provide...

Sweet Pea Labs provides expert web design and digital media services for small business owners. I specialize in customizing a unique online presence to help you reach your target customers and elevate your brand. I take a special interest in the small business owner who doesn't know where to start. Creating a simple, effective, affordable website, that you understand how to adjust and edit is my goal. Helping you create a social media plan and presence that isn't too time consuming or overwhelming is my specialty. I'm happy to work with Spanish speaking customers and other non-English speaking clients as well. Please reach out for a Free Consultation!


I Am Budget Friendly...

Having a small business of my own, I know first hand how tight the budget can be. I am passionate about making the budget work for you. The most important thing is that you are able to get the website and digital media that you need to drive your business's success. I will work with each business on an individual basis to work out a plan and budget that works for you.

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